Buddhist Mandala Set | Exquisite Buddhist Ritual Item

SKU: 37TK6Mandala


Traditional Mandala Rice Offering, Buddhist Rituals 

Mandala offering is an exceptionally strong custom practice in Tibetan Buddhism. The rice offering Mandala represents the enlightened combination of mind and body of the Buddha. The carvings on this Mandala set is as exquisite as the Mandala itself. This Mandala Set is made of mercury full gold and is delightfully hand-carved with lovely Ashthamangala carvings.

When making a Mandala offering, the three circular rings are made of rice, jewels and coins, if possible. Mt. Meru is represented by the very tip of the mandala, the center of the myth of the universe. Each layer is filled with offerings, and the "universe" is offered overhead, indicating that you will give the whole of your being to help others gain enlightenment. Used by practicing Tibetan Buddhists as part of their daily preparation for meditation, the mandala represents a naturally balanced nature of the outside world and the inside.
Size: 32 cm(Height) and 15 cm(Base)
Weight: 1.366 kg