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Unique Metal Incense Holder for your Buddhist Altar, Ritual Item

About Our Ritual Item:

This holder is a beautifully handcrafted metal incense holder with timeless details to create an authentic look. The incense holder is usually a scroll shape for the easy fit of stick incense. The overall holder is finely engraved with a spiral shape.

In terms of spirituality, the spiral symbol can show the path leading from outer consciousness to the inner soul. Outer consciousness means worldly-mindedness, external awareness, ego, and outward concept. On the other hand, Inner consciousness means a deeper understanding of wisdom, unseen essence, heaven, and cosmic awareness. The lid of the burner is easily separable for the incense to hold on without breakage when not in use.

Introduction To Incense Holder:

An incense holder is a vessel made for burning incense in some solid form. In many cultures, burning incense has spiritual and religious connotations. This thus influences the design and decoration of the censer.

Nothing matches incense for spreading nice fragrances and good sentiments. This handpicked collection of incense containers continues a centuries-old heritage. The complex smell profiles capitalize on the potential of this age-old cultural and spiritual rite to create moods and elevate emotions. Modern incense carriers give a creative twist and texture to the burning process, as well as polished ornamental appeal. Incense, a daily grounding requirement for many, makes any space feel like home.


Size: 3.5cm(Height) and 39cm(Base)
Weight: 0.768 kg


How to set up your own Buddhist Shrine?

• Find a clean, quiet, and uncluttered spot
• Set up an altar table, cover it with an altar cloth that calls to you
• Place your sacred item at the center