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Namtoshe Metal Wall Hanging 

About Our Thanka :

Introducing our Namtoshe Metal Wall Hanging Thangka, a meticulously handcrafted piece that combines various metals to create a stunning depiction of the Buddhist deity of wealth and fortune. This Thangka, made of iron, has intricate stitching in brass, silver, and copper, resulting in a unique and richly textured depiction of Namtoshe.

The use of iron, brass, silver, and copper in this Thangka is not only artistic, but it also gives the piece a variety of symbolic meanings. Iron represents strength and resilience, while brass provides warmth and healing properties, silver represents purity and clarity, and copper represents prosperity and balance. Together, these metals give the Thangka a multifaceted aesthetic and spiritual meaning.

This Namtoshe Metal Wall Hanging Thangka is a stunning piece for anyone who appreciates Buddhist art and metalwork. It is ideal for hanging in meditation spaces, living rooms, or galleries because it not only adds to the décor but also brings the spiritual essence of Namtoshe, which represents abundance and auspiciousness, into your space.

Introduction To Guardian King Dharmapala Namtose :

Namtoshe is the King of all the wealth Yakshas. He is also known as Vaishravana, a worldly guardian worshipped as both a protector and benefactor. He lives on the north side of the lower slopes of Mount Meru in the Heaven of the Four Great Kings. As the leader of the Four Directions Guardians, he, like the others, swore an oath of protection before the Buddha Shakyamuni to support and protect all who follow the path the Buddha Taught.

He has two main aspects that of a warrior protector and that of a deity of wealth. Here he is shown as the deity of wealth. In southern Buddhism, particularly in the Indian sub-continent, he is known as Jambhala because he also carries a Jambhara (lemon) in one of his hands.

Size: 43.5cm(Height) x 32cm(Width)
Weight: 1.33 kg

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