Medicine Buddha Mandala | Buddhist Painting

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Medicine Buddha Mandala 

About Our Thangka :

We have had this Thangka in our collection for over 20 years now. Our thangka was stored away for several years. We were thrilled to discover the quality and depth of these beautiful thangkas when we unveiled them and decided to showcase them online for everyone.

Introduction to Medicine Buddha Mandala

TheMedicine Buddha has a long- lobed ears , and curly hair . He wears a monastic robe , and is seated cross—legged as shown in mandala. The blue or lapis lazuli color of the body symbolizes that he accepts all the diseases and sicknesses of all suffering beings himself. The plant myrobalan represents the medicine, which heals all the sicknesses of sentient beings.

Medicine buddha or the healing buddha is said to dispense spiritual medicine when properly worshipped. It is even believed that an efficacious cure may be accomplished by merely touching the image. His right hand holds a branch of the myrobalan plant and it is in the varadamudra posture or the giving gesture. His left hand is on his lap, holding a lapis lazuli pindapatra or a container containing medicines.

This inspiring thangka will be a great gift for a practitioner like you!

The Mandala represents a symbolic Geometric Diagram in Tantric Buddhism, which visualizes the metaphysical interconnection between microcosm and the universe. Mandalas embody a vast store of Spiritual Energy.

It is no coincidence that the words “medication” and “meditation” are only one letter different. They both come from the same Latin root word, medeor, meaning “to heal or to make whole.”

In the West, our medical focus is on the external—on the curing of physical symptoms—while Eastern traditions focus more on the internal, that is, addressing the mental causes of illness. It is our good fortune to be living at a time when we can access the best of both worlds.


Size: 9.5"/24 cm (width) x 9.5"/24 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Colors, Genuine 24K Gold



How does Thangka help us?

Historically used as a teaching aid, thangkas are used as a meditation tool to help bring one further down the path to enlightenment. Devotional images act as the centerpiece during a ritual or ceremony and are often used as mediums through which one can offer prayers or make requests.