Ligam Singing Bowl | Harmonic Tones for Meditation and Relaxation

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Ligam Singing Bowl 

About Our Singing Bowl :

The Lingam Singing Bowl is a unique musical instrument made up of a combination of seven metals. To produce lovely and resonant tones when performed, this traditional Tibetan singing bowl was expertly made. Its characteristic sound and vibration are a result of the seven metals that were employed in its construction. The Lingam Singing Bowl creates quiet and soothing tones when struck or played with a wooden mallet. These tones can be utilized for meditation, sound healing, or just to promote peace. It's fine craftsmanship and elegant design make it a prized tool for anyone looking for balance and harmony in their life.

Introduction To Singing Bowl :

For generations, singing bowls have been utilized as a soothing and relaxing technique, and sound therapy is quickly becoming popular in alternative medicine. They are utilized by many professionals, including doctors, teachers, musicians, and spiritual leaders. Psychotherapists, massage therapists, cancer doctors, and stress and meditation specialists employ singing bowls.
Height:10 cm
Diameter:21.5 cm
Weight:1.52 kg
Sound Therapy with Singing Bowl :

Tibetan singing bowl sound treatment is a traditional method of rejuvenation. The harmony created by the gong and Tibetan singing bowls promotes toxin removal from the body and stress alleviation on all levels. After receiving sound treatment, the body is affected by sound vibrations, emotions are calmed, and the mind is more precise.