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Indra Statue

About Lord Indra :

This exquisite Indra Statue depicts the revered Hindu deity Indra in a seated position, with his legs overlapped and his right hand resting on his knee. The statue is a magnificent work of art crafted with remarkable attention to detail and skill. The intricacies of Indra's attire, including his crown and jewelry, are all meticulously designed and crafted. The posture of Indra, with his serene expression and relaxed seated position, conveys a sense of tranquility, wisdom, and strength.

Introduction To Lord Indra :

In Hindu mythology, Indra is the monarch of the gods. He is one of the main deities in Rigveda. Indra is frequently represented riding his white elephant, Airavata, in paintings and sculptures. He is linked to the sky, lightning, weather, thunder, storms, rain, river flows, and battle. Indra is the most well-known deity in the Rigveda. He is praised for his skill and for stopping the enormous wicked asura known as Vritra, who was obstructing human happiness and prosperity. Indra heals mankind by delivering rain and light by destroying Vritra and his "deceiving abilities." He is a venerated god among the Kalash, reflecting his prominence in ancient Hinduism and Buddhism.
Size: 25 cm(Height) x 14 cm(Base)
Weight: 3.00 kg
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