High-Quality Offering Mandala Set | Handmade Filigree Carving | Original Stones Inlay

SKU: 140TNMandala


Mandala Set with Filigree handcarving and precious gemstones inlay in high-quality

The gold-plated mandala brings Nourishment and Restraint, bringing balance to your home and life. This mandala set makes a fantastic home decor or a gift to loved ones. We offer the mandala set to help you bring happiness and joy into your life. We have various colors and patterns in our Mandala sets holding a significant meaning to them.

The symbolism of the mandala offering occurs on four levels, the outer mandala is the physical universe as samsara, and the inner mandala is the body, speech, and mind of all sentient beings who inhabit this universe, the secret mandala is composed of the 84,000 thoughts which arise as mind, and the inner secret mandala is innate self-revealed wisdom.


Size: 63cm(height) x 40cm(width)
Weight: 7.914kg