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Handmade Stupa

About Our Stupa :

Our shrine is a hand-carved copper stupa with gold plating and jewels. It is an ornate Buddhist shrine with a dome-shaped form. In Tibetan, stupas are sometimes referred to as "Chorten." " A stupa is a palace where every Buddha is held.

Introduction To The Stupa :

The stupa represents Buddha, his enlightened intellect, and his physical presence. The stupa is thought to depict the sitting Buddha meditating and seeking for enlightenment. And the spire symbolizes enlightenment, the peak of Buddhist attainment.


Size: 30cm (Height) and 14cm (Base)
Weight: 1.396kg

How to set up your own Buddhist Shrine?

  • Find a clean, quiet, and uncluttered spot
  • Set up an altar table, cover it with an altar cloth that calls to you
  • Place your sacred item (statue, thangka, or a picture of Buddha) at the center