Handcrafted Bhumba Set | Ritual Vase | Water Offering Vase

SKU: 106TKBumba


Himalayan Buddhist Bhumba Set of 2  

These two matching ritual vases are made of sliver and 24K gold with fine hand carvings. The spouts, bases, and covers are beautifully hand carved with designs of flowers and other Buddhist symbols. The vases are identical except for the sacred syllables and other symbols inscribed around their rims. 

These vases are called the "principal" and "action" vase. The principal vase is filled with holy water and remains upon the altar in the monastery or temple, while the action vase is used for the actual pouring of water for purification during the various stages of the ritual. 

We hope we could be able to help you in your spiritual journey with our exquisite collection of ornaments of liberation. 


Size: 29cm/11.4" (Height) x 17cm /6" (Base)
Weight: 3.048kg (approximately)