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Handcrafted Bell with Vajra

Experience the timeless allure of our Exquisite Vajra Bell, meticulously handcrafted to perfection. Delve into the sacred traditions of Tibet and immerse yourself in the profound tranquility it offers. Whether you seek to enrich your meditation practice or desire a spiritual centerpiece for your home, this bell is a true embodiment of serenity and reverence.

Our Tibetan Vajra and Bell represent the perfect balance of wisdom and compassion, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of your spiritual path. As you gently ring the bell, its soothing resonance connects you with the essence of ancient Buddhist rituals, creating a serene ambiance for contemplation and meditation.

Bell Size: 17 cm(Height) x 10 cm(Base)
Weight:0.43 kg

Vajra Size: 3 cm(Height) x 13 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.17 kg

Total Weight: 0.614

🌟 Why Choose our Vajra Bell? 🌟

✓ Artisanal craftsmanship that reflects dedication and authenticity.
✓ Symbolic Vajra and Bell design for a profound spiritual connection.
✓ Ideal for meditation, mindfulness, and prayer rituals.
✓ Creates an atmosphere of peace and contemplation.
✓ A timeless piece with cultural and spiritual significance.


Unlock the sacred vibrations and embark on a journey of mindfulness with our Handcrafted Antique Bell with Vajra. Embrace the spiritual harmony it brings to your life and space.

Order now and experience the blissful resonance of this exceptional treasure.