Green Mandala Thangka | Hand Painted Tibetan thangka

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Green Mandala Thangka

About Thangka

Our thangka is a handpainted Tibetan art done using traditional methods. It is a unique piece created using genuine 24K gold and natural stone colors.

Introduction to Green Mandala Thangka

Mantras belong to the Buddhist classification of dharani. It is a collection of syllables recited for the benefit of oneself and all the sentient beings. The meaning of mantra is ‘man’ mind, ‘tra’ to protect - to protect the mind. Mantras are verbal formulas used by Buddhists to protect the mind from distraction and unwholesomeness.

Mantras can also be classified as wisdom ,protective, healing, and memory enhancing. For healing and mental health issues mantras can also be edible. Written on rice paper or extremely thin edible Tibetan paper with consumable dye or ink the mantras are often created with wood block print stamps or hand written at times.

A mandala depicts in two-dimensional form the three-dimensional space inhabited by the deity. The bird’s-eye-view centralizes the main deity within concentric squares, circles and borders of his associated lineage and related figures, arranged in order of importance .

Mantra is recited to Enhance ones level of Concentration which helps to Check your mental thoughts . Our thoughts and Actions leads to Good or Bad Karma. By Reciting Mantras you Gain Merits which helps you have a Joyful Life .


Size: 10"/ 25 cm (width) x 10"/ 25 cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Colors, Genuine 24K Gold



How can Thangka benefit us?

Thangkas, which were formerly utilized as teaching aids, are now used as a meditation technique to assist in moving one closer to enlightenment. During rituals and ceremonies, devotional images serve as the focal point and frequently serve as a conduit for prayers and requests.