Golden Wheel and A Pair Of Deer | Dharma Chakra And Wheel

SKU: RI-Dharma Wheel018


Dharma Wheel and Deer 

The Dharma Wheel is twice the height of the deer as they sit peacefully next to it with their legs folded under them and their heads lifted up to look at the wheel. The Dharma Wheel and a Pair of Deer is coated with pure 24K Gold.

The Dharma Wheel symbolizes Buddha's teachings. These teachings are described as a wheel because they move and travel throughout the land and then people can practice control over their minds. Altogether, the three aspects of the Dharma Wheel symbolize concentration, ethics, and wisdom which are all essential in the teachings of Buddha. The Deer represents qualities of the true renunciate through their gentleness and grace. Deer symbol usually includes two parts that are “deer” and “the dharma wheel”.


Size: 23.5cm/9.2"(Height) X 15.5cm/6" (Base)
Deer Size: 15cm/5.9"(Height) X 12cm/7.8"(Base)
Weight:2.264gm (approximately)