2.75" Goddess Offering Bowl | Copper Oxidized | Ritual Objects

SKU: 209TKOfferingBowls


2.75" Copper Bowls for Gods and Goddess offerings

A set of seven offering bowls is presented as an offering to the gods and goddesses of all Tibetan Buddhist shrines. This is the most common form of offering, also known in Tibetan as "Yonchap". These unique offering bowls are made from dark copper oxide and are very precisely hand-carved to give them a very antique look. The top, middle and bottom edges are gold plated and the stand is high.

These bowls may be used for offering pure water, the eight sensory objects, the five commitment substances, and so forth. These miniature bowls can also be combined with a butterlamp to make offerings of the eight sensory objects.

This traditional set of seven antique-finished brass serving bowls enhances your daily water serving.
Size: 7 cm(Height) and 10 cm(Base)
Inner depth: 5cm
Weight: 0.238kg
Total: 1.665kg