Elephant Incense Burner | Plated With Pure Gold | Ritual Items

SKU: 116TKIncenseBurner


Incense Burner , Plated With 24K Gold

Our Incense Burner is a square vessel on four feet of skulls, fitted with two elephant trunk handles and elephant trunk lid. This burner is made up of copper coated with 24K Gold in which incense is burned. Although Incense Burners have been used in different countries, they have been far more widespread in the East. It is made for burning incense in a solid form. They vary greatly in size, form, and material of construction, and have been in use since ancient times throughout the world.

Incense Burner produces a fragrant scent. The word “incense” is derived from the Latin word for “to burn.” Incense has been around since ancient times. It is used in religious rituals from centuries and into the present day, people throughout the world have used incense for a variety reasons, including as component of various religious practices, tool to counteract bad or disagreeable odors.


Size: 27cm/10"(Height) X  35cm/13"  (Base)
Depth: 9cm
Weight:1.432kg (approximately)