Collectibles Treasure Box | Ritual Item

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Collectibles Treasure Box

This antique Ghau box is exquisitely handcrafted with Buddhist auspicious symbols including lotuses, Tibetan snow lions, clouds, and conch shells. This gold-plated treasure box is a wonderful addition to the decor of your house and a thoughtful present for your loved ones. The Treasure Box can be used to build up your portable shrine for your daily meditation practice, carry strong blessed things, and be placed on your altar.

The elegant prayer boxes used in Tibet are called gau or gauhau. These Tibetan gaus or gaus are used to transport portable shrines for protection while traveling, magic charms, and healing herbs. Tibetan Buddhists also wear the Ghau, which contains potent divine things known as sacred phrases. These Ghaus resemble American wish boxes quite a little. In this area, we provide different types of Tibetan ghaus.


Size: 7cm (Height) x 7cm (Base)
Material: Copper and Electro Plated Gold