Buddhist Vajra | Ritual Object

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Buddhist Vajra 

About Our Vajra

A vajra ritual item is a double five-pronged vajra with three flames on all but the central prong. Two rings of linked lotus petals make up the grip's central portion. The Sanskrit word vajra signifies a lightning bolt. Different deities from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions carry it as a weapon. The central symbol of esoteric Buddhism is the vajra because enlightenment can strike with a similar rapid, forceful, and exact blow that shatters ignorance and other forces of darkness. Lightning is pure energy that strikes with speed, power, and precision.

Introduction to Vajra

The vajra means "diamond" or "lightning" in Sanskrit, is an important symbol and ritual instrument in Hinduism and more in the Buddhist tradition Vajrayana ("diamond way") to which it gave its name.

Tibetan Dorje represents the indestructibility and efficiency that overcomes all obstacles. Symbolically, Dorje Vajra destroys ignorance. In Tibetan Buddhist rituals, the vajra is often used with the bell, representing the masculine and the feminine, the ying and the yang, the effective action, and the compassion. The shape of the Tibetan Dorje is symmetrical, the two pyramidal heads representing samsara and Nirvana, which cancel each other out in its center thanks to the ring of Emptiness. Having a Dorje at home would have positive virtues against the various attacks we suffer.

Size: 5.5cm(Height) and 20cm(Base)
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