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Buddhist Relic Stupa

About Our Ritual Item :

Our Buddhist relic stupa is a lovely handcrafted stupa that has been elegantly carved to give it a traditional appearance. The stupa is additionally decorated with various types of stones, with the thirteen steps neatly carved to depict the thirteen states of the Bodhisattva's journey for enlightenment.   It is a traditional Tibetan stupa that would look great in your decor.

Introduction To The Buddhist Relic Stupa :

Stupas have evolved from basic burial grounds to monuments of adoration and enlightenment, and they are today essential places of devotion for Buddhists. Currently, in Buddhism, the shape of a stupa is associated with Buddha's contemplative position, with the base of the monument symbolizing the crossed legs, the middle section representing the remainder of the body, and the top representing the Buddha's head. This odd form is tied not only to Buddha's body, energy, and spirit, but also to the path to Enlightenment, a mountain, and the entire cosmos. This location reflects Buddha's intellect and body, the link between divinity and the physical aspect of Buddhism. This is a fantastic illustration of his awakened thinking.


Size: 12 cm(Height) and 6 cm(Base)
Weight: 0.119 kg

How to set up your own Buddhist Shrine?

• Find a clean, quiet, and uncluttered spot
• Set up an altar table, cover it with an altar cloth that calls to you
• Place your sacred item (statue, thangka, or a picture of Buddha) at the center
• If you want a more elaborate altar, you can put Stupa as well.