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Buddhist Ghau Box

About Our Ritual Item :

This traditional Buddhist Ghau Box is beautifully hand-crafted with the Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism giving providing its own symbolizations. This gold-plated treasure box makes an incredible addition to your home decor and a lovely gift to your loved ones.

Introduction To Ghau Box :

The buddhist ghau box is traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhists as a shrine to hold and carry sacred objects along with other holy objects or blessed items. Ghaus were traditionally kept in custom-made silk pouches and carried close to the heart by the nomadic Tibetans during their travels as a source of protection and blessings.

Size: 11cm (Height) X 11cm (Base)
Weight: 0.238 kg

How to set up your own Buddhist Shrine?

• Find a clean, quiet, and uncluttered spot
• Set up an altar table, cover it with an altar cloth that calls to you
• Place your sacred item at the center