Bhagvana Buddha Life Story Thangka Painting | For Awareness Into Your Lives By Contemplating The Teachings Of The Sage | Religious Wall Decor

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Bhagvana Shakyamuni Buddha’s life’s pictorial Depiction

About Our Thangka :

This beautiful medium large sized Thangka painting of Shakyamuni Buddha’s life events was completed in early January 2015 by a senior artist Mr.Gyalsang Lama. Mr.Gyalsang learnt to paint Thangka from an early age and gradually specialized in painting fine art Japanese style thangka paintings.

This Buddha life story is one of the few thangka paintings he has completed adopting the techniques of fine art Japanese style mutated with traditional Tibetan Menri style. The use of nude shades of colors which is very much prominent in traditional Japanese fine art style has been blended perfectly in contrast to the traditional bright use of colors in Tibetan style of traditional paintings.

The rich saturated hues of brown, yellow, white, blue and red is finished with an ombre’ technique. The rich use of 24 karat gold especially in the robes of the Buddha and his attendants adds a glorious radiating feature to this elegant art piece.

This thangka painting as it’s name suggests depicts the life story of Buddha.

Introduction To Bhagvana Shakyamuni Buddha :

Buddha’s life can be categorized into 12 segments namely. 1. Conception 2. Birth 3. Education 4. Life in the Royal palace 5. The Great departure 6. Escape 7. Austerities 8 . Enlightenment 9 . The subjugation of Mara(Lord of temptation) 10. Doctrine 11. Miracles 12. Paranirvana .

On the top left part of the painting , Queen Maya Devi ( Buddha’s mother ) is lying on her bed having a dream in which a white elephant is seen descending from Tushita heaven , which eventually enters her womb (Here the white elephant represents Buddha himself.

It is believed that after this incident took place , Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Buddha while wondering in the forest of Lumbini with the palace helpers. She gave birth to Buddha standing in the Salbhanjika posture holding a branch of Plaksa tree. This scene is depicted on the centre left part of this painting. Prince Siddharta Gautama was born some 2,500 years ago as a prince in Lumbini in Nepal. At his birth, many special signs had appeared. His father had asked a sage living in his kingdom for advice on his son. The sage predicted that Gautama would become either a great King or a great spiritual teacher.


Size: 25"/63 cm (width) x 38"/98cm (height)
Materials: Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Colors, Genuine 24K Gold



How should Thangka be cleaned ?

Thangka should be cleaned with a gentle hand vacuum and vulcanized rubber sponges that absorb and remove a lot of the dirt and grime that accumulates over time.