Auspicious Symbol Mandala Set | Gold Plated Mandala | Rice Offering Mandala Set

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Mandala Offering Set Handcarved with Auspicious Buddhist Symbols

For Buddhist practitioners, the Mandala offering is an extremely powerful method for accumulating extensive merit and receiving realizations such as bodhichitta and emptiness quickly. There's nothing that can be offered with your hands that is more meritorious than offering mandalas. 

Mandala offering requires only a few minutes of your daily ritual practice. While we are making mandala offerings, we are offering, in a real sense, everything — the whole universe, even our mind and the body — to the Enlightened Ones. 

As Lama Zopa Rinpoche says, "Mandala offerings are a powerful way to accumulate a large amount of benefits in a short period of time. The Tibetan word for mandala is kyil.kor: kyil is the essence and kor is taking-- the essence." This term means to take the essence on the basis of providing a mandala, and what you get from it is the merit, the cause. Therefore, the essence you take is the generation of the entire path from the devotion of the Guru to enlightenment, and as a result, the union of the Dharmakaya and Rupacaya. The cause is merit. And the result is enlightenment.

Size: 44cm/17.3"(Height) and 23cm/9"(Base)
Weight: 3.7 kg (approximately)