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Tibetan Ghau Prayer Box, Fully Carved with Buddhist symbols

This is a stunning Tibetan Ghau Prayer Box handcrafted from pure silver and richly carved with mystical Tibetan animals and auspicious symbols including Lotus Flowers, Tibetan Snow Lion, Clouds, and Conch Shells. It's like a small container used to hold and carry powerful blessed objects, and can be used as a portable shrine or placed on your altar. 

The Ghau Box represents long life and prosperity. It said to bring lot of luck, attraction and invites positive energy. Treasure Box can also be used to set up their shrine and do the meditation. It can also be used as jewelry or personal adornment. As an amulet, it is worn to help ward off negative energy and attract blessings.

This gold-plated treasure box makes an incredible addition to your home décor and a lovely gift to your loved ones.

Size: 11cm (Height) X 12cm (Base)
Weight: 0.238kg

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Ornaments Of Liberation!