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Altar Serkyem Offering Bowl

The Serkyem or Golden Drink offering is part of Dharma Protector's ritual practice. They are bowls (any pot that makes pouring easy) used in altars as offerings to the god and goddess in the ritual ceremony. The Serkyem Offering comes in two pieces as a set. The upper part is especially for liquid offerings and the lower part is for solid offerings like; fruits, grains, etc.

The tibetan word serkyem means “golden drink”. The Serkyem offering dharma practice was devised by Lamas in the past as an appeal to the Dharma Protectors for immediate assistance with barriers, problems, and grave necessities. As a result, the Serkyem service has gained popularity among modern practitioners seeking help.

Our product is handcarved with details done very finely throughout the Serkyem Set, making it an incredible addition to your house.


Size: 9cm(Height) and 8cm(Base)
Weight:0.184 kg