Buddhist Sakya Mahakala Art | Wall Hanging for Spiritual Protection

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Buddhist Sakya Mahakala Art 

About our Metal Thanka

The Sakya Mahakala Metal Wall Hanging is an excellent example of traditional Tibetan art. This wall hanging, made of iron and intricately adorned with copper, silver, and brass, is more than just a decorative piece; it represents Tibet's rich cultural heritage. It represents the spiritual symbolism associated with Mahakala, an important figure in Tibetan Buddhism.

This piece demonstrates our artisans' exceptional skill, combining strong iron with refined details of copper, silver, and brass. The intricate metalwork reflects the meticulous techniques passed down through generations, depicting Mahakala's fierce yet protective nature. The use of multiple metals enhances not only the piece's visual appeal but also its symbolic depth.

The Sakya Mahakala Metal Wall Hanging stands 44cm tall and is intended to make a powerful spiritual and cultural statement in any setting. It is ideal for people who appreciate Buddhist art and symbolism, providing a peaceful yet powerful presence in spaces dedicated to meditation, reflection, or cultural appreciation.

Introduction to Shakya Mahakala 

In Vajrayana Buddhism, Sakya Mahakala, also referred to as Panjaranata Mahakala, is a vindictive deity. He aids in overcoming challenges on the road to enlightenment and is revered as the defender of the Dharma. You may infuse your room with the symbols of defense, change, and overcoming phobias by adding a Sakya Mahakala statue.

Size: 44cm (Height) x 32cm(width)
Weight: 0.96 kg

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