Praises to 21 Tara: Embracing Blessings and Transformation

Praises to 21 Tara: Honoring the Divine Feminine Essence

Origin and Significance Of Tara

The Tara, who represents the feminine side of compassion and knowledge, is a crucial figure in Tibetan Buddhism. She is regarded as a Bodhisattva, a spiritual person who has gained enlightenment yet decides to stay on earth to help others on their spiritual path.

Tara's beginnings are steeped in myth and legend. According to a well-known myth, Tara was created from the tears shed by the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara when he witnessed the suffering of all beings. From his tears, a lotus blossomed, and from this lotus, Tara, a guiding light of kindness and defense, appeared.

Forms and Attributes of 21 Tata Goddess21 tara forms

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In her various manifestations, Tara embodies diverse qualities and characteristics. The Praises to 21 Tara, where each praise is associated with a distinct form of Tara, clearly explains these forms. The following table lists some of Tara's fundamental forms and each one's associated qualities:

Form of Tara Attributes Virtues
Green Tara Compassion Protection, Healing
White Tara Purity Longevity, Serenity
Red Tara Power Magnetism, Control
Yellow Tara Wealth Prosperity, Increase
Blue Tara Tranquility  Pacification, Protection

By taking on different forms, Tara embodies qualities like compassion, knowledge, and power while providing advice, blessings, and protection to people who seek her help.

21 tara praises

Understanding the 21 Praises (21 Tara Mantra)

  • Structure and Composition

The Praises to 21 Tara comprises 21 verses, each devoted to a different manifestation of Tara. In Tibetan Buddhism, these verses are frequently sung as a part of rituals or everyday practice. The praises are written with profound reverence and poetic beauty, expressing Tara's complex character.

Each praise line is composed to invoke a specific element of Tara, asking for her blessings and direction. Practitioners frequently imagine Tara's shape when giving praise, which helps them develop a stronger bond with and comprehension of her qualities.

  • The Essence of the Praises

The Praises to 21 Tara's ability to capture Tara's complex nature and present her as a source of wisdom, protection, and compassion makes them so important. Each praise emphasizes a distinctive quality of Tara, enabling practitioners to relate to her in various ways.

For instance, the praise for Green Tara invokes her compassion and asks for healing and protection. Similarly, praise for White Tara draws on her traits of purity and tranquility to ask for blessings for long life and peace. Through these laudations, practitioners might better understand Tara and have a stronger bond with her, creating a relationship founded in awe and devotion.

The Impact of Chanting the 21 Tara Praises

  • Spiritual Growth

A potent technique for spiritual development is reciting the 21 Tara praises. Regular chanting helps practitioners cultivate traits like patience, wisdom, and compassion. The compliments serve as a reminder of Tara's virtues, inspiring practitioners to practice them in their own lives.

Chanting these sacred verses also cultivates a stronger relationship with the deity, enabling practitioners to tap into Tara's spiritual energies. This link, a source of inspiration and direction, can aid the practitioners' spiritual path.

  • Personal Transformation

Chanting the praises is a technique that promotes spiritual development and personal transformation. The praises act as a vehicle for introspection, enabling practitioners to consider the virtues and characteristics connected to each form of Tara.

By engaging in contemplative contemplation, practitioners can exemplify these virtues, encouraging transformation and personal growth. For example, chanting the praise to Yellow Tara can motivate practitioners to cultivate wealth and abundance, while chanting the praise to Blue Tara can promote serenity and harmony.

Additionally, singing the praises can be used as a meditation, assisting practitioners in sharpening their attention and concentration. Through consistent practice, people can enhance their meditation technique, nurturing a sense of inner peace and harmony.

To sum it up, practitioners can connect with Tara in her different guises through the 21 praises, asking for her help and blessings as they progress along their spiritual path.

Chanting these praises is not just a ritual but also a means of achieving spiritual development and self-transformation. It facilitates a closer relationship with the divine by acting as a tool for the growth of qualities like compassion, wisdom, and patience.

The Praises to 21 Tara are a potent tool for spiritual development and self-transformation that promote a closer relationship with the Holy and the development of qualities that can aid people on their path to enlightenment. 

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